The Khurasan Learning Center

An Education Training Center in Ghazni for Girls and Boys

In June 2007 Afghan Friends Network partnered with local educators in Ghazni Province to open an innovative education center for high school girls, called the Khurasan Learning Center (KLC). The first center, located in a small village outside the province’s capital, helps girls in grades 7-12 complete their education in Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English. In 2008, AFN opened another center in Ghazni city enabling hundreds of girls to receive a comprehensive education and be prepared for their college placement exams. In 2010, AFN extended this program to boys. A new KLC location in Ghazni has been opened providing high school boys the same opportunity to complete their education and go on to university. 

The Khurasan Learning Center allows high school girls and boys to receive supplemental course work in the areas of math, science and English. The current science, math and English curriculum in the high schools in Ghazni is weak. Also, most schools have short class schedules in order to accommodate the large number of students in need of education. In one typical year at a traditional school, teachers are only able to cover about half of the curriculum for that grade. The result is most students aren’t able to gain a good understanding the subject matter. The girls are particularly impacted because of the historical lack of access to basic education. By providing students with dedicated coursework in science, math and language studies, they are able to complete their lessons, be prepared for the college entry exams, and move forward with their education. 

Key benefits of the program are:

  • Courses allow more than 800 girls and 300 boys in Ghazni to attend classes from 7:00am-9:00am and 2:00pm-4:00pm.
  • The classes helps students receive a higher quality of education through focused classes on specific subjects.
  • The teachers hired for the program are selected from TTI, the Teacher Training Institute in Ghazni and have a strong understanding of each subject area.
  • The program provides classes for standardized college entry examination.
  • There is a positive and professional classroom environment that encourages students to move on to achieve higher level of education.

"My parents are illiterate and they tried a lot for our future and stand against all problems. Every day my father carried us from house to our schools. My father pass a long way to send us to school... at winter it was so difficult for him because of cold weather. It is my wish to study more and to get more services to my poor country (nice Afghanistan)."
- Sameera, graduate of AFN Khurasan Learning Centers