KLC University Scholarship Program

Enabling Girls and Boys to Become Leaders

In March of 2009, AFN established a scholarship program for girls and boys in Ghazni who are highly committed to their education but in dire need of financial assistance. In early 2008 (after only six months of KLC classes), we were able to increase the number of students accepted to University from 1 to 10. We quickly realized that we were making a big impact in an area that is greatly needed. Sadly, we realized only 7 of the KLC students were able to continue to higher education while the remaining students’ families did not have the $40 per month needed to cover the cost of going to university. Although most of the universities are free of charge, a girl or boy from Ghazni has to pay for transportation, books, pens, paper and dinner at the dorms. 

The KLC University Scholarship Program is only available to students who have been registered students of KLC for at least 1 year. We use the following criteria in our selections process: financial need, grades, university entrance test scores, and an essay on how they will be using their education to improve their own lives as well as their communities. 

One of the toughest battles facing Afghanistan is educating its future generation. The Afghan people value education and have a strong desire for their children to become educated. However, lack of funds and resources makes it nearly impossible for many to go to school. AFN believes that one of the most effective ways to help social and economic development in Afghanistan is to educate girls and boys so that they can become productive members of society, help their communities, and raise children who will have a greater likelihood of being educated as well. 

It only costs $450 per year to give a girl or boy the opportunity to obtain higher education. The funds cover a student’s transportation, food, textbooks, and school materials for a full academic year. This breaks down to a contribution of about $1.25 a day. Fortunately, for most of us that’s pocket change. But for these girls and boys it’s an opportunity that will benefit them and their communities for a lifetime. No amount is too little and every bit is greatly appreciated. 

“This was my biggest wish since my childhood to be an educated person, so now that Allah has given me this opportunity I really do not want to miss it. I want to be a physiotherapist and use my knowledge for best of my people and my family.”  
– Zia, Physiotherapy major in AFN University Scholarship Program