Gender Equality Program

  • A 9-month, weekly class led by religious leaders in AFN’s learning centers. Taught to 800 girls, 500 boys, and 80 women (mostly mothers) in separate classrooms in the Qalai Qadam and City Center areas of Ghazni. This is taught in parallel with the supplementary math, science and language classes of the learning centers.

  • Most exciting to us is that the Gender Equality Program is the first of its kind for school-aged children in Afghanistan. There have been wonderful programs for women, but none yet for school children. The Ministry of Women’s Affairs and the Ministry of Education are now working on a similar concept for older children and we plan to share our lessons learned with them.

  • Most important to us is that it was conceived and written by Afghan educators and mullahs. This is not a program promoting Western values, but rather a curriculum drawing from the rich history and emerging laws of Afghanistan. It's fun to hear about the energetic conversations that the students have with each other - most of the quotes on this page are from the first session of these classes.

"If in Afghanistan women were valued as men there would be lots of improvements in our country, because women are more kind than men, and people might have a better life.” 
Shabnaz, student in AFN Literacy Program

“Men must not beat women, and there must not be compulsory marriage. I wish I become a good father and give rights to my wife and my daughters according to Islam.” 
- Adbul Matin, student in AFN Boys Learning Center