Hayward Ghazni – Sister City Project

The governer of Ghazni, Afghanistan and a group of Americans in Hayward, CA joined forces to establish a Sister City relationship between Ghazni City, the provincial capital of the province of Ghazni, and Hayward, CA located about 50 miles from San Francisco. There are many Afghan immigrants from Ghazni in the Bay Area including some from Ghazi Province. For more information on the Sister City project visit http://www.haywardghazni.org. 

Mentoring Relationships with Afghan Visitors Training Mission Of Hon. Rashid Janbaaz

At the invitation of Afghan Friends Network, Mr. Rashid Janbaz head of Kabul Municipality planning department visited the United States from January 2 to January 28, 2003. During his visit, he was given orientation and training in modern urban planning by visiting public works and community development activities of San Francisco, Reno and Irvine cities. Future training of personnel of Kabul Municipality planning department were also discussed. Afghan Friends worked very closely with Society of Afghan Engineers and Afghan Planners Support Committee to make Mr. Janbaz visit a success. For more information see the following articles: Afghan EE toils to rebuild Kabul’s infrastructure and Kabul planning department looks at Reno city services