Afghan Coalition was formed in 1996 and is dedicated to strengthening Northern California families, improving their access to social services, and building a strong and united Afghan American community. Following the September 11th tragedy, the Afghan Coalition founded a third department, the Afghan Resource Center, to address the reconstruction of Afghanistan. Afghan Coalition is the largest Afghan-American organization in the United States. Afghan Coalition offers a safe, non-political place for members of the Afghan and Afghan American communities to receive a variety of social, educational, cultural and other services.

Afghan Communicator is a community based, grass-root organization dedicated to education, advocacy, youth leadership, art & culture. We aim to serve as an information center and referral service. By organizing and participating in projects that have cultural, educational and community building focus, we hope to mobilize and empower the Afghan community.

Afghan Women's Writing Project has a mission to support the voices of women with the belief that to tell one's story is a human right.

Afghans4Tomorrow (A4T) is a non-profit, non-political organization dedicated to the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan in the areas of education, agriculture and health. A4T provides essential services to its people through the expertise, knowledge and dedication of Afghan professionals abroad. Afghans4tomorrow is committed toward sustainable and community driven projects in an effort to make the Afghan people economically independent. Our goal is to invest funds in projects that will revive the economy as well as create lasting jobs for our people. Under Afghans4Tomorrow, we are proactively focused on establishing relationships with multiple sponsors, corporations, federal agencies, NGOs, and Non-profit organizations. We are an organization for the people and all of our programs will be directed towards improving the standards of life for the current generation as well as the next generation of Afghans.

Dining for Women is a non-profit giving circle dedicated to empowering women living in extreme poverty. 

French Medical Association is striving to realize a vital and ambitious vision: to develop into a sustainable institute of excellence providing exemplary safe care, innovative teaching and research that can improve the health of people in Afghanistan and the surrounding regions.

Green Village Schools is a Portland, Oregon, based non-profit organization committed to building a generation of hope in Afghanistan. Our vision is to foster schools in Afghanistan that offer children a basic education and empower young people and their communities to become actively engaged in building a future of hope for their country. Green Village Schools also seeks to build thriving communities through support to school health services for students and local villages. We believe that investing in the education and health of young people in Afghanistan will ensure a future of hope for the country.

Hayward-Ghazni Sister City Committee focuses its efforts on the city of Ghazni and supports programs that improve the lives of Afghans in this region.

The Khaled Hosseini Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, provides humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan to help alleviate suffering and build healthy communities. We make these grants with the hope that our gifts will make a meaningful and enduring difference. The Foundation will give priority to programs and projects providing relief and shelter for families, economic opportunities for women, and education for children.

Thunderbird for Good's dedication to global citizenship is exemplified by Thunderbird for Good, a program committed to leveraging the school’s expertise in international business in order to provide learning experiences for non-traditional students. The efforts of Thunderbird for Good help to fight poverty, secure peace and improve living conditions in communities throughout the world in ways the school knows best — by putting education to practice in unique and valuable projects. For example, Project Artemis, focused on Afghanistan, helps educate the best and brightest of women. Fellows move forward with their individual accomplishments that make, not only a personal economic impact, but a contribution to the greater society.

Women's National Book Association (San Francisco)  brings together members with diverse backgrounds in the literary world to exchange ideas and resources. Founded in 1968 by Effie Lee Morris, then coordinator of Children’s Services for the San Francisco Main Public Library, membership has ranged from sixty to over one hundred. Our members are writers, booksellers, agents, editors, publishers, publicists, librarians, graphic designers, web designers, social media experts, career coaches, literacy specialists, marketing specialists, conference planners, aspiring authors, and avid readers. Our vision is to support women in the world of words, promote literacy, a love of reading, and collaborate effectively within the literary community of the San Francisco Bay Area.